New Jersey Licensed Clinical Psychologist

New Jersey Licensed Clinical Psychologist


" I thought it would be interesting to keep a list of the different reasons why people came to see me. I'll share it with you. "

There is no right or wrong reason for seeing a psychologist. A psychologist can help you with assorted problems.

Some people will see a psychologist when they can not handle difficult situations in their lives.

Some people don’t see a psychologist for a specific reason. They like having some one to talk to about their lives who can give them unbiased feedback, or confidence.

People with severe mental illness need constant support. Families of people with various conditions often need the support of a psychologist to help them cope with the situation.

 People that have experienced a trauma seek help.

A psychologist can help you improve your life.

Problems With Relationships

Can’t stay focused

Difficulties With Their Children

Problems with Work, Job Related Stress

Overeating, Can’t Stick to a Diet

Feeling Sad, Depressed

Their Partner Told Them They Needed Therapy

Worrying All The Time, Anxious

Always Dating the “Wrong” Type of Person

Mood Swings

Wanting a “Therapy Dog”

Worried About Something They Have Done

Living with an Abusive Spouse

Child of an Alcoholic

Fear of Social Situations

Obsessing About Things and Can’t Stop

Feeling Intense Shame

Feelings of Inferiority

Repetitive Behavior That They Can’t Control

 Quitting Smoking

Feeling Frustrated All the Time

Contemplating  Divorce

Burnt Out


Learning Disabilities

Feeling Isolated and Alone

Teenage Drinking

Overwhelming Feelings Of Hatred


Chronic Nightmares

Addicted To Something and Needed Help Stopping

Struggling With Overwhelming Fear

Panic Attacks

Giving Up On Life and Feeling Suicidal

Never Feeling Satisfied

Coping with Illness

Sexual Assault

Memory Problems

Difficulty In School

Out Of Control Eating

Getting a D.U.I. Conviction

Communication Difficulties

Illness That Doctors Can’t Diagnose

Can’t Relax, Always Tense

Psychotic Behavior

Cutting Themselves

Getting a D.U.I. Conviction

Trying to Get Medical Marijuana

Identity Problems

Problems Driving, Family Threatening to Take Away Their Car

Seeing or Hearing Things That Aren’t Real

Lost Employment

Can’t Control Spending

Feel Like Hurting Themselves

Fear Of Dying

Problems With Bullying

Feeling They Are Being Followed


 Thoughts Are Confused

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