Many people have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, usually referred to as OCD. OCD is manifested in many different ways. Often others won’t even realize that you have it. Some times OCD can cause people to do dangerous things.  When OCD dominates your thoughts, or starts taking over your life, it is time to get help.  A psychologist can  diagnose  if you have OCD, and recognize areas that it affects your life that you may  not have realized. Usually it is a relief  to get a diagnosis. An experienced psychologist can  help reduce or eliminate the symptoms of OCD. OCD is treatable, and the prognosis for relief of symptoms is excellent. Even adults with a lifetime of OCD have successful results as well once they begin therapy.

There are two excellent brochures from The Department of Health and Human Services on the topic of OCD.  There is no point reinventing the wheel, they did a great job on these brochures. Though they say one is for children and young adults, the other is for parents, both are excellent resources  for OCD. The brochure for young adults is really good for anyone to read. It explains OCD plainly,  discusses some of the symptoms, and explores treatment options.The brochure geared towards parents is helpful to any caregiver or family member of someone with OCD. It explains OCD in more detail than the first brochure, and it includes resources.

These brochures are provided as a reference and a means to open a discussion on the topic of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder